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University of Idaho's Fall Dean's List

COLFAX — Several locals from Colfax made the University of Idaho’s Fall 2022 Dean’s List.

To qualify for the Dean’s the list students must maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average on a minimum of 12 graded credits during the semester.

The following Whitman County locals made the UofI Dean’s List:

Colfax locals Derek D. Hall, Elizabeth G. Harwood, Jenna L. Richerson, Sam J. Bryson, and Sasha Rabaiotti.

From Lamont Guinevere D. Richmond.

From Pullman Anna G. Lloid, Avery G. Reneau, Bryce A. Hendrickson, Jedidiah D. Byers, Kalista I. McCafferty, Lachlan N. Smith, McKenzie G. Peringer, Nathan C...


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