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  • Jim Repp and "The Record"

    Jun 20, 2024

    If stats could have been kept at Bronings, now Corbeill’s Funeral Home, of whose name appeared on the top line of the book in the Visitation Room of this facility, most of us would know the answer immediately: our old and recently departed friend, Jim Repp. It was uncanny how he could do that and of course he wasn’t interested in any record. I believe he did what he did to show the family, other friends, former or present colleagues, etc. his friendship and thankfulness for knowing the deceased. Or maybe Jim didn’t know the deceased at all a...

  • Trail Life has anti-woke scouting program

    Family Policy Institute of Washington|Jun 20, 2024

    You may have heard the news that the beloved Boy Scouts organization is rebranding for the sake of inclusion. Their new name is “Scouting America,” which allows not only all girls, but the so-called “transgendered” girls who think they are boys. The rebrand includes a concerted effort to recruit more LGBT members in the organization. This shift is a direct result of the dominance of the so-called “woke culture.” Why, you may ask, is this shift necessary? After all, girls who are interested in becoming scouts could just as easily join a loca...

  • With Paid Family and Medical Leave finances still troubled, payroll tax likely to increase

    Elizabeth New, Washington Policy Center|Jun 20, 2024

    Who could have predicted this? A lot of us. The number of people tapping the taxpayer-provided Paid Family and Medical Leave fund is increasing every year. The paid-leave program, abbreviated PFML, was launched in 2020. It imposes a tax on employers and workers, whether or not the workers paying in ever use the program. The money collected is used to allow some workers taxpayer-paid time off of work if they have a serious health condition, need to care for people or want to bond with a new child...

  • Free Govt. Gifts

    Jun 20, 2024

  • Woman president

    Jun 20, 2024

  • Thomas Lee Rambo

    Thomas Lee Rambo

    Whitman County Gazette|Jun 13, 2024

    Thomas Lee Rambo passed away on June 7, 2024. Tom was born in Spokane, Wash., to Pres and Adene Rambo in 1941. He attended Tekoa Elementary and Tekoa High School, and graduated in 1960. Tom joined the Air National Guard serving for six years and enrolled in the Spokane Trade School to earn a certified welding degree. However, his true passion was always farming and restoring crawler tractors. In 1961, he married Karen Nelson and raised two boys Kelly (Bobette) and Kim (Angie), who both reside... Full story

  • Employee stock ownership plans work

    Don C. Brunell, Business analyst|Jun 13, 2024

    Who would have thought that a small Oregon natural grain mill owner’s death would make national news or be the subject of a lengthy feature article in the New York Times? However, 94-year-old Bob Moore’s passing in February did. The Times is published just off Broadway in the heart of Big Apple’s network television and theater district. Moore, with his white beard, wire-rim eyeglasses, newsie cap and bolo tie became a “food poster person” approaching the notoriety of KFC’s Colonel Sanders and actor spaghetti sauce and frozen pizza king, Paul...

  • Lawmakers need to change growth law

    Mark Harmsworth, Washington Policy Center|Jun 13, 2024

    Demographia has just published a study, authored by Wendell Cox, that compares the affordability of housing in the international marketplace. The conclusions show that while Washington state isn’t the most expensive, it is on its way to the top spot. What’s sad is it’s all avoidable with some simple changes to state policy. Currently, Seattle ranks 73 out of 100 of the most affordable major cities to live. The study summarizes that the high prices are “largely the product of policies that seek to limit growth on the periphery” of municipal...

  • Wind Turbines

    Jun 13, 2024

    I’m not necessarily against wind turbines, I’m against the horrible placement of them around Kamiak Butte and so many residences, one of them being mine. Mary Dupree, I don’t want a 699-foot-tall wind turbine in my back yard; or in anyone’s yard. Do you want one? If so, please call Harvest Hills and ask for a piece of the government subsidized pie you find so heroic. While I worry about the animals they will affect, I worry more about the health and financial repercussions of having these located so close to our homes. The setbacks are ridicul...

  • Upside Down

    Jun 13, 2024

  • Warrantless Surveillance

    Jun 13, 2024

  • Not very transparent

    Jun 6, 2024

    Recently, Harvest Hills Wind introduced us to their intended development of an industrial wind complex of 45 turbines in the vicinity of Kamiak Butte. They have presented themselves as wanting to be good neighbors and to work with our communities. Harvest Hills has told us they want to benefit us by expanding our tax base, helping our schools and providing new jobs to the area. Harvest Hills. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Power for 90,000 homes and new money for the county, how wonderful. What’s a few wind turbines among friends? Aren’t they supposed...

  • Harvest Wind

    Jun 6, 2024

    Thank you to Travis Frei for his excellent article. Congratulations to Harvest Wind. You were able to find greedy & gullible land owners to sign your contracts for wind turbines. Did the signers read the fine print? You insult the intelligence of those of us who love and respect our land if you think we believe the propaganda you put out. Do you think we believe that you care about our community? If you did care and you see the large opposition you would do us a favor and leave where you are not wanted or needed. To those of you that are so pro...

  • What's Next?

    Jun 6, 2024

    This year we have witnessed legislators and courts, totally ignorant of female reproductive biology, impose their ideological beliefs on women’s bodies, unfazed by the suffering that has followed. Now we are subjected to witnessing Republican house members attack Dr. Anthony Fauci, slandering his leadership during the Covid epidemic, second guessing the team that brought us the vaccines that got us out of that disaster, showing us they know diddly squat about science and medicine. What’s next? Well, check out Project 2025, coming to you if MAG...

  • Make it Make Sense

    Jun 6, 2024

    Being a generational landowner in the area designated for wind turbines, I am not opposed to them when thoughtfully placed. Eastern Whitman County is shockingly illogical. Why place the largest of turbines in a populated rural region with high crop yields, adjacent to Kamiak Butte, a thoroughly utilized park in a region photographed worldwide for its astounding beauty? Shocking in placement and proposed size, Harvest Hills has a contracted filing with the FAA for 70 sights with an additional 25 listed as alternates. Turbines will be 699’ (94 ft...

  • Homeschool growing in our state

    Jun 6, 2024

    Homeschooling rates are on the rise across the nation as parents grapple with the dangerous woke agenda being pushed in public schools as well as ineffective teaching methods. Washington is no exception. The Evergreen State has seen one of the biggest homeschooling booms out of all 50 states. Some proponents are even calling it a “miracle” of the Pacific Northwest. The homeschooling surge was first noticed throughout the U.S. during the onset of the pandemic, with many families determining online school was not a viable option for their chi...

  • For which our flag stands remains important to all Americans

    Don C. Brunell, Business analyst|Jun 6, 2024

    It is the time of year to proudly fly our American flags. It began with Memorial Day (May 27) followed by Flag Day (June 14) and ends with the “Grand Finale” on July 4. The common thread is “Old Glory” waving in the breeze. In our country there are no symbols more synonymous with Independence Day than our American flag. It is a powerful emblem of our unity, resilience, and patriotism. It is the time-tested bond which binds citizens from all levels of society, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, races, and genders. We fight and die for which it stan...

  • Alito's flags

    Jun 6, 2024

  • Medicare-related volunteers get recognition

    Elizabeth Hovde, Washington Policy Center|May 30, 2024

    Medicare is a big government program. It’s detailed. It’s confusing. And people in our state actually volunteer to deal with it for people other than themselves! Rockstars. They’re called SHIBA volunteers (Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors). Gov. Jay Inslee just proclaimed May 19-25 “SHIBA Volunteer Recognition Week.” Tim Smolen, SHIBA program manager for the Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC), confirmed for me these volunteers are unpaid. They are trained at no cost to them. (That’s good. A lot of people wou...

  • On oil derricks and windmills

    May 30, 2024

    Transitions are hard. When oil derricks first graced the western landscape, towering over homes, these were greeted with mixed emotions, depending on who profited and whose landscape was blighted. Today we face conflicts as windfarms elicit similar emotions. The “No Wind Farms” signs posted around the Palouse are counterproductive, though. Communities must have a meaningful voice in issues of land use, wildlife impacts, cultural values and aesthetics when a windfarm is proposed, but costly delay only prolongs the inevitable. There’s a conce...

  • Promises

    May 30, 2024

    Landowners of Whitman County, be aware of enticing offers that Harvest Hills/Steelhead Americas is making to get access to your land for the Kamiak Butte area industrial wind project. You need to realize that they will sell the entire project after completion, they are not long-term partners. You are simply a tool they are using to tap into the billions of dollars of green money (taxpayer money) sprinkled about by the government. Keep in mind, they promise to “restore” the land after the lifespan of the project. There are major flaws with that...

  • Veteran's Graves

    May 30, 2024

    As many of you know, each year your local American Legion, Codd-French Post #41 has been placing small flags at the graves of all veterans buried in the Colfax Cemetery. We do our best to put one at every veteran’s site. This is the first year we have done this without the leadership of Jim Lemon, our former Adjutant and Commander whom we lost on March 12 this year. We did our best to identify every veteran’s grave, but we may have overlooked a few, much to our regret. If you noticed that a small flag was missing from the gravesite of a vet...

  • Support for Harvest Hills Wind Project

    May 30, 2024

    I am a fourth-generation farmer in Whitman County and am writing to express my support for the Harvest Hills Wind Project. I know that some people in our community are having a hard time with the change, which is why I want to make sure all voices are heard. Farming is all about helping people. Our farm has provided food for thousands upon thousands of people through the years, and now we have the opportunity to provide for people in a new way. It is a really good feeling to be able to contribute to our community by providing the energy we...

  • Learning to communicate

    May 30, 2024

  • Farmworker wage suit against DOL grossly misinterprets H-2A program rules

    Pam Lewison, Washington Policy Center|May 23, 2024

    It is illegal to hire farmworkers on an H-2A visa instead of qualified local farmworkers. That simple fact undermines the latest attempt to dramatically increase farm labor costs and harm family farms across Washington state. The federal H-2A visa program is an often-misunderstood foreign worker program. For years, there have been calls to reform the complex program that requires extensive cooperation between state and federal employment agencies. Perhaps the latest suit filed to undermine the...

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