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  • Fete anniversary

    Gracie Miller, Gazette Correspondent|Sep 6, 2012

    Belmont Visitors at the Robert Miller home were their daughter, Karla Sigrist, Renton, and three of their four sons, Jonathan, Joel, and Jesse. They came to help Robert and Gracie celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary. Kent and Diane Miller, and Kiah came up from Colfax for the anniversary dinner. The Sigrist family returned to their home on Renton on Friday....

  • Belmont relatives visit 6/23/11

    Gracie Miller, Gazette Correspondent|Jun 23, 2011

    Belmont Visitors at the Robert Miller home were their daughter, Katha Miller- Winder, her husband Douglas Winder, and their two children, Alexandra and David, Bremerton. They took Katha’s mother out to lunch to celebrate her birthday May 30. The family returned home that evening....

  • Guests at Miller home

    Gracie Miller|Jul 29, 2010

    Belmont Visitors at the Robert Miller’s home Monday through Wednesday were Karla Sigrist and her two youngest sons, Joel and Jesse, Renton. Kiah Miller, Colfax, her parents, Kent and Diane Miller, joined them Monday evening and all of them enjoyed eating out that evening in Pullman. The grandchildren enjoyed the four kittens at their grandparents home. Tuesday they were in Colfax for dinner at Kent Miller’s home....

  • Residents notified

    Gracie Miller, Gazette Correspondent|Jan 21, 2010

    Belmont Residents of Belmont have been notified that storage of chlorine tank cars has been approved and will begin to be stored in Belmont by Feb. 4. The fence that is to be placed around the loaded rail cars holding the chlorine gas will be erected by that date as well. Robert and Gracie Miller were in Colfax Saturday to watch their granddaughter, Kiah, play basketball against the Liberty team. Jean Miller, Kiah’s great-grandmother, was also at the game....

  • Millers fete October and November birthdays

    Gracie Miller|Oct 8, 2009

    Belmont Visitors at the Robert Miller home this past weekend were Dirk and Karla Sigrist of Renton and their four boys, Jeremy, Jonathan, Joel and Jesse. They returned home Sunday and hit part of the dust storm between Ritzville and Moses Lake. Karla and Gracie attended Hullabaloo in Colfax Saturday. Saturday evening Kent and Diane Miller and Kiah, Colfax, joined the family in Belmont for dinner. The family sang Happy Birthday to all those with October birthdays. They were Diane, Oct. 5; Jeremy, Oct 13; Kiah, Oct. 21; Jesse, Oct. 23 and...

  • Millers mark 51st date

    Gracie Miller|Aug 27, 2009

    Belmont Robert and Gracie Miller celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary in Leavenworth over the weekend. Their three children Katha Miller-Winder and husband Doug Winder and their two children Alexandra and David, Bremerton; Karla and Dirk Sigrist, and their four boys, Jeremy, Jonathan, Joel and Jesse, Renton and Kent and Diane Miller, and Kiah, Colfax, helped them celebrate. Kent’s Aug. 20 birthday was also celebrated. Bob’s 96-year-old mother, Jean, was also at the celebration....