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Good Old Days: Dec. 17, 2020


December 17, 2020

125 years ago

The Commoner

Nov. 15, 1895

(continued from Dec. 3, 2020 issue of The Gazette)

When early morning came it was discovered that two of the men must have climbed the steep hillside back of the Bellinger residence, as their tracks could be seen, where they crossed the plowed ground on the hill top. Deputy Osborne, accompanied by Sam Talley followed this trail, until it was lost, when they continuerd their search in the same general direction. About eight o’ clock Monday morning, after they had separated, the latter was informed that a man had slept the night before in Schroll’s straw stack. Going to the stack Talley succeeded in capturing James Greer, who on being searched was found to have the jailer’s pistol. Greer was brought back to town and again lodged in the county jail. He stated that the plan for an escape had been concocted several weeks before. Elliott and Murphy being the general planners. He expressed satisfaction at Murphy’s capture, and said he had always known despite his brave talk that he had “no sand.”

It was believed these men were Kelly and Elliott, who are thought to be the most desperate of the crowd. Reidt, it was thought had taken the road toward the Coeur D’Alene mountains, while Wagner, it was thought, was with Greer during his night in the Schroll straw stack, leaving there but a short time before the latter was captured.

(to be continued)

100 years ago

The Colfax Commoner

Dec. 17, 1920

The jury that heard the evidence in the M.E. Lamb case returned a verdict of a guilty at 6:30 Wednesday evening. The evidence of the trial was completed Wednesday noon and the attorneys completed their addresses to the jury at 3:30 in the afternoon.

The case was then placed in the hands of the jury and their verdict of guilty was reached a few minutes after 6 o’clock. Mr. Lamb was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Cole, who went to the Lamb home on the evening of the 5th of November in company with LeRoy LaFollette and there heard the story of the little girl. After listening to the girl’s story, the two men testified that they took down in writing the statement of the defendant. This statement was written out by Roy LaFollette, read to the old man and he signed his name to the article. It was one of the most damaging articles that was read against a man in a court room and the body of the article was an admission of all that had been charged against him by his granddaughter.

When Mr. Lamb was placed on the stand, he swore that the article was worded different from the article that was read to him. According to his testimony, he claimed that the officers read him an article written for the purpose of securing his consent to have the granddaughter enter some school.

The written article together with the testimony of the granddaughter was what convicted the man.

(to be continued)

50 years ago

Colfax Gazette

Dec.17, 1970

The Whitman County Health Department has administered immunizations for Rubella over the past four weeks to 1,034 children, about one-fourth of children in the county who should be receiving the shots, according to Jane Baker, supervising nurse. Goal of the department is immunization of children in the county between the ages of one and twelve.

Children who received vaccinations which date back more than a year probably were vaccinated for hard measles and still need to be vaccinated for Rubella, Mrs. Baker explained. She urged parents to make sure their children have received Rubella vaccinations.

Rubella’s chief danger is birth defects to unborn children, caused by women catching the disease during pregnancy. By immunizing children, the county clinic hopes to cut down exposure of mothers to Rubella in their children.


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