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Good Old Days: Nov. 8, 2018


November 8, 2018

125 years ago

The Commoner, Oct. 27, 1893

In one of the windows of Manning & Ewarts grocery store is exhibited a box of grapes, samples from the vineyard of Henry Fowler, eleven miles west of Colfax. The varieties shown are Moore's Early and Warden, and the samples are very tempting and more beautiful than one commonly sees in the market.


Burglars attempted to blow up the post office safe Sunday night. They first broke into Charles Hoeck's blacksmith shop and secured some drills. The safe is close alongside the wall which divides the post office from the drug store. It was drilled in four places, and the supposition is that the burglars had not time to insert their dynamite, or were frightened away by the night watchman passing, as they left all their tools strewn on the floor.

100 years ago

The Colfax Commoner, Oct. 25, 1918

Ralph V. Crossler, a business man of this city, met death Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock when a car in which he was a passenger turned completely over at a point near the Taylor Springs bridge, cutting off the top of his head just above the ears. The car was being driven his brother-in-law Loran Barnett, and both men were accompanied by their wives. The car was running at a fast rate of speed on a good surfaced road and there were no thought of danger until after the party had crossed the Taylor bridge. Just after the bridge was crossed, the two side wheels of the car went off the grade into the drainage ditch along the side of the road. As the driver turned the wheel in an effort to bring the car back on the road, it skidded for several feet along the road and turned completely over, pinning Mr. Crossler. With the help of the Mrs. Crossler and Mrs. Barnett, Barnett raised the body of the car high enough to permit the women to drag the unfortunate man from the wreck. He was still alive when he was taken from under the car and was still breathing when Dr. Palamountain arrived 15 minutes later. Dr. Palamountain placed the injured man in his car and started for Colfax but the man died long before they reached this city. Mrs. Crossler and Mrs. Barnett as well as Mr. Barnett escaped with only slight injuries.

75 years ago

The Colfax Gazette-Commoner, Oct. 22, 1943

Alleviated Monday was a serious milk shortage in Colfax which for nearly two weeks had curtailed deliveries over town by the Colfax Creamery about 50 per cent. From about October 1 to 10 the supply to retail dealers had been reduced approximately half and from the 10th to the 15th, when the situation was acute, no deliveries at all were made to stores, said Lester Hill, one of the creamery operators.


Announcing that the new fire siren had arrived last week from New York, Fire Chief Earl Krouse told the council Monday evening that it would be installed as soon as carpenters could be obtained to build a new tower to take the place of the present house in which the old siren is now located on top of the city hall.

50 years ago

The Colfax Gazette, Oct. 24, 1968

A Nov. 6 shipping date has been set for Colfax residents planning to contribute clothing items to a Vietnam war refugee camp, Jerry Dodgen, organizer of the campaign reported Wednesday.

25 years ago

Whitman County Gazette, Oct. 28, 1993

A stolen handgun was recovered from a Whitman County teen-ager last weekend. Jack Lein, administrator at the Whitman County Juvenile Department, said the discovery seems to follow a recent trend of children and young people handling guns and bringing them to public places, such as school.

10 years ago

Whitman County Gazette, Oct. 23, 2008

Eighteen tractors released billows of smoke in the cold, crisp morning air Tuesday before rolling out the plow 1,100 acres in one day. By day's end 21 farmers from a 30-mile radius, including Idaho, donated their day in an effort to help out Tekoa farmer Rob McHargue, who was injured Oct. 12.


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