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Good Old Days


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125 years ago

The Commoner, August 11, 1893

At about 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon the antics of a saddle horse trying to break its fastening frightened an express wagon team belonging to Johnny White. The latter was on the sidewalk when his horses broke away. The team in its flight frightened the horses driven by Todd Robinson on another express wagon and these ran into the telephone pole on the corner of Pioneer Block, and broke up wagon and harnesses in a rather costly degree.

White's team ran northward on Main street until it reached the Island Street bridge, where it ran into a stringer and left a wheel or two behind, finally crashing up against a post and anchoring there. White's wagon will also require considerable expense to patch up.

100 years ago

The Colfax Commoner, August 9, 1918

The present unsafe condition of the Main Street bridge was discussed by the members of the Commercial Club Wednesday and it was decided to take the question up with the county commissioners and see if it would not be possible to divert the money which is to be spent to the repair of the bridge towards making a payment for a new concrete bridge.


Will Cummings, the 9-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Cummings, has devoted his spare time to raising a war garden and has the nicest little garden of its size in Colfax. The potatoes which he raised are large-sized and one of the tubers weighed a pound.

75 years ago

The Colfax Gazette-Commoner, August 6, 1943

Organization of a central grain and grass fire control over a rural area within a 12-mile radius of Colfax was established at a recent meeting here when Fire Chief Earl Krouse and Councilman Roy Endsley proposed the project to delegates representing five nearby granges.


Complaining that morning glory is infesting private property in both the north and south ends of town, Councilman W.F. Henderson asked the council Monday evening to take measures to destroy the noxious weed.

50 years ago

The Colfax Gazette, August 8, 1968

Opening of the new Colfax swim pool is now expected for Saturday, according to Councilman William R. Tempel.


Fires struck seven farms in the north half of the county Saturday and Sunday, burning close to the 500 acres of standing grain and producing a criminal complaint in Whitman County Superior Court. Prosecutor Phillip Farris Monday charged the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad with failing to use spark arresters on an engine Sunday.

25 years ago

Whitman County Gazette, August 12, 1993

Garth Brooks made an unannounced appearance at Hickman's Boot and Saddlery in Colfax last Saturday prior to his sold-out show in Pullman. According to Sarah Coonrad, who was working at the time, the sign on the marquee read, “Garth shopped here” might have prompted Brooks to stop in. Coonrad said she was busy writing receipts for customers when someone asked, “So what did he buy?” A question Coonrad said she had answered several times during the day. She looked up at the person who asked, and it was Brooks himself, wearing shorts, a football jersey and a baseball cap. “Everyone stood there and stared at him,” Coonrad said. “Little kids were asking their mothers if it was Garth Brooks.” She said she went upstairs to get others to come down and see him, but by then he had slipped back into a van parked outside and drove off waving to everyone as they emerged from the building. Coonrad said Brooks was having a little fun with them by stopping in.

“He's just a big kid,” she said. Afterward the sign was changed to “Garth Brooks shopped here.”

10 years ago

Whitman County Gazette, August 7, 2008

The most expensive harvest for Palouse farmers is well underway in the western two-thirds of Whitman County. While reader boards on Main Street show high prices for wheat and barley, signs outside gas stations also reflect high records.


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