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Trivia Test


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1. LITERATURE: In Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” who orders the deaths of Lady McDuff and her children?

2. GAMES: How much does it cost to land on the Income Tax square in the game of Monopoly?

3. GEOGRAPHY: What is the official language of Angola?

4. LANGUAGE: What is the professional name of a person who makes arrows for a living?

5. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which president first appointed Eleanor Roosevelt as a delegate to the U.N.?

6. MYTHOLOGY: What is a gorgon?

7. HISTORY: What area of Alaska did gold seekers rush to in 1897 after the discovery of gold was reported?

8. ENTERTAINERS: What famous 20th-century actress was born with the name Margarita Cansino?

9. BIRTHSTONES: What birthstone is typically associated with the month of March?

10. HUMAN ANATOMY: What part of the brain is responsible for balance and posture?


1. Macbeth

2. $200 or 10 percent of your worth

3. Portuguese (it was a colony of Portugal)

4. A fletcher

5. Harry Truman

6. Gorgons have hair made of serpents and can turn anyone who looks at them to stone.

7. The Klondike

8. Rita Hayworth

9. Aquamarine

10. Cerebellum

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