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Eagles baseball celebrate Senior Night in Endicott

Three seniors were recognized before Bulldogs series

ST. JOHN - The St. John-Endicott/LaCrosse baseball team are 5-10 on the season after losing four in a row.

After losing to the Garfield-Palouse Vikings, 4-14, the Eagles were swept by the Dayton Bulldogs on senior night, 0-11, 0-17.

Senior night took place on Saturday, April 27, in Endicott, where three seniors were recognized.

Matthew DeFord, Joshua Thompson, and Wade Gribble were recognized by the fans and parents before the Bulldog series.

The first game of the week was against the Garfield-Palouse Vikings, which was played on Tuesday, April 23, in Endicott.

The Vikings would defeat the Eag...


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