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125 years ago

The Commoner, June 30, 1893

The trial of Fred Kempf on a charge of assault in Justice Dillon’s court Tuesday afternoon revealed quite a little shadow of Steptoe Butte. Kempf is a farmer whose land adjoins that of “Cashup” Davis and Andros Omreezsky, who is an importation from Hungary and an employe of Steptoe’s monarch. This man with the unpronounceable name appears to be of a meddlesome character. On Friday night last, the Hungarian was engaged in driving Davis’ cattle home, when, upon passing the Kempf place, the latter’s dog sprang out and chased the cows down the road. He believed Kempf’s son had set the dog on the cows with malicious intent aforethought, and he said as much to Mr. Kempf, when the latter came from his door to learn of the Hungarian’s rage. Omreezsky hurled some broken English epithets into Kempf’s teeth and accused that individual of stealing milk from “Cashup’s” prolific Jerseys. Kempf is not a whit bigger or stronger than the Hungarian, but he waded into his oratorical opponent in the good old fashioned rough-and-tumble way. He battered Omreezsky till the latter admitted he had more than enough. On the following day, “Cashup’s” cattle driver was carried to Colfax hospital, where his wounds were bound up. A warrant was next sworn out for Kempf’s arrest on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. Justice Dillon found Kempf guilty of assault and fined him $10 and costs, a total of $26.

100 years ago

The Colfax Commoner, June 28, 1918

L.B. Smith, owner of the Colfax Dairy, was in the city Monday and he stated that the dairy barn on the ranch was blown down for the second time Saturday night. The barn was full of milk cows at the time it went down the first time, the afternoon of the tornado. The cows were released from the barn with difficulty but none of them were seriously injured. A force of carpenters was employed to erect a new barn and this building was about half complete when it was again wrecked by heavy winds Saturday night.

75 years ago

The Colfax Gazette-Commoner, June 25, 1943

Ronald Roulet, three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Roulet, suffered severe bruises and minor face and leg lacerations Tuesday night when he fell from the automobile driven by his father about a mile north of Steptoe. He was given treatment at the Bryant and Weisman clinic. The little fellow, riding in the back seat, opened a door as the car was moving at about 35 miles-an-hour.


Launched Thursday by the Junior Chamber of Commerce was a big campaign to provide free smokes for men in the armed forces in all combat zones. In nearly all of the stores and offices, glass coffee jars have been placed as receptacles for contributing 5 cents and up. All money deposited will be used for the purchase of well-known brands of cigarettes.

50 years ago

The Colfax Gazette, June 27, 1968

Steptoe and Colfax volunteers doused a blaze that destroyed the C.B. Kennedy barn in the Manning district Saturday evening. Kennedy was visiting at Brewster when the fire started.

Willard Morgan, Kennedy’s neighbor, spotted the smoke and called the alarm. Morgan had been storing chopped hay in the barn the previous day and estimated 20 tons were destroyed by the blaze. The fire apparently started in the north end of the barn, possibly from an electrical failure.

25 years ago

The Whitman County Gazette, July 1, 1993

The Horn School Rest Stop, on U.S. Highway 195 near Rosalia, is now the site of a special honor for two former area residents. The two men, James Edward Love and Horace D. Hume, were recognized by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) for their contributions to the field of agriculture. In cooperation with the Department of Transportation, a bronze plaque was placed and dedicated at the rest stop.

10 years ago

The Whitman County Gazette, June 26, 2008

County commissioners are nearly ready to sign off on a list of approximately $600,000 worth of suggested improvements to make the courthouse compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.

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