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Trivia Test: Feb. 8, 2018


February 7, 2018


1. MOVIES: What was the title of the first James Bond movie?

2. MUSIC: How old was Sid Vicious of the “Sex Pistols” when he died?

3. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the birthstone for the month of February?

4. U.S. PRESIDENTS: What were the names of President Barack Obama’s family dogs?

5. TELEVISION: Who played the lead in the TV series “The Rockford Files”?

6. TRANSPORTATION: What is the large airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic?

7. MEASUREMENTS: How many acres are in a hectare?

8. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of Iceland?

9. LANGUAGE: What does the word “cognoscente” mean?

10. HISTORY: “The Summer of Love” in 1967 is associated with which U.S. city?


1. “Dr. No,” starring Sean Connery

2. 21

3. Amethyst

4. Bo and Sunny

5. James Garner

6. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

7. 100

8. Reykjavik

9. A connoisseur

10. San Francisco


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