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  • Home Country

    Slim Randles, Columnist|Aug 25, 2022

    Hi there, Pard. Yep, it’s me, Alphonse Wilson, the one they call Windy. But this ain’t pertickler a good day for ol’ Windy. Fact-a-matter is, if I was to study how to do that depression stuff? This’d be a good day to start. Ya see, it’s what’s called an annual-versary of a sad time fer me, and I thought I might repercussion it to you today, so’s mebbe you won’t have to have your heart broke, neither. It was the flat-out tail end of love, ya see. After all them months together, too. Hey, I allus figgered we’d be together for … well, life. Oh...

  • Home country

    Slim Randles, Columnist|Aug 11, 2022

    Looking around at all the yard signs and hearing politicians tell us on television what a lying crook their competition is, I have to admit I miss Guv Reeve. Guv had a real first name, but I sure don’t recall it now, because this was back in the 1960s and 1970s in the high desert of California. He had his first name legally changed to Guv so everyone would know what he was all about. Every four years, he ran for governor. I worked for the Victor Valley Daily Press in Victorville, which is just 30 miles from Barstow, where everyone’s car bre...

  • Natural to complain about the cold

    Slim Randles, Home Country|Feb 10, 2022

    COLFAX — It’s natural to mumble nasty things about the cold weather. We all do it from time to time. But even the cold has its merits. One big plus is that it makes fireplaces a reasonable addition to our lives. In cold weather, we can build a fire in our home with a clear conscience. This is something that doesn’t translate well to summer heat, but when it’s cold, here comes the fire. Strange, isn’t it, our love affair with a fireplace? Makes absolutely no sense. Today, we can make houses so impervious to cold that every time we light a c...