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Sheriff's Logs

COLFAX - The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls from May 28 to June 3:

May 28

7:20 a.m.- Banta Street, Endicott. Civil matter.

8:41 a.m.- Jennings Road, Pullman. Deputy contacted a company reference a vehicle repossession.

9:27 a.m.- North Mill Street, Colfax. Updated the information for a registered sex offender.

12:06 p.m.- Northwest Davis Way, Pullman. Burglary report.

12:25 p.m.- SR 27, milepost 4, Pullman. Citizen dispute.

11:29 p.m.- G Street, Endicott. Other law enforcement calls.

2:50 p.m.- North Mill Street, Colfax. Fingerprint services.

3:23 p.m.- SR 128...


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