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Land Transactions

Series: Land Transactions | Story 37

COLFAX — The Whitman County Assessor’s Office reported the following land transactions from May 20:

May 20

Mark McKay and Michael McKay as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Janice E. McKay, deceased, LaCrosse, Wash., sold agriculture classified under current use chapter, Whitman County, Wash., to Mark McKay, LaCrosse, Wash., parcels 2-0000-37-14-26-2900, 2-0000-37-14-23-1900, 2-0000-37-14-23-3900, 2-0000-37-14-23-4900, 2-0000-37-14-26-1690, 2-0000-37-14-24-2900, 2-0000-37-14-26-3290, 2-0000-37-14-24-3900, undisclosed selling price, Personal Representative’s Deed....


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