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Land Transactions

COLFAX — The Whitman County Assessor’s Office reported the following land transactions from May 9 to May 17:

May 9

Janice K. Olson, Colfax, Wash., sold 502 N Mill Street, Colfax, Wash., to Hearth Holdings, LLC, an Idaho Limited Liability Company, Coeur Da Lene, Idaho., selling price $70,000, Statutory Warranty Deed.

May 10

Starr Grain Limited Liability Company, a Washington limited liability company, Palouse, Wash., sold 324 South Main Street, Colfax, Wash., parcels 1-0040-00-29-07-0000, 1-0040-00-29-08-0000, 1-0040-00-29-09-0000, selling price $340,000, Statutory Warranty Deed.

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