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Crime Corner: Oregon man fakes drowning in Snake River

Found 15 years later, alive

Series: Crime Corner | Story 9

COLTON - On the evening of September 13, 1998, Wawawai Landing was disrupted by a distress call that would unravel a web of intrigue and deception.

Whitman County Sheriff's Deputy Douglas W. Hurlburt responded to a report of a potential drowning at approximately 9:10 p.m.

Reports say that he observed a man, Joseph S. Tanner, 26, of Lewiston, in an upset state. Tanner reportedly relayed a troubling narrative to the deputy as he described a boating excursion with his friend, Gwydyn Stryder Styarfyr, 39, during which Styarfyr inexplicably vanished off the rear of the boat.

"He said he was approxi...


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