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Colfax week three adult golf league results

Results and standings for league after three weeks

COLFAX — After three sunny weeks in Colfax, the mens golf league results and standings are as follows:


Almota Elevator: Nathan Johnson, 9, Steve Warwick (sub), 6, Tyson Rogers (sub), 12, Jeff Batterton, 11, total, 38.

The McGregor Company: Matthew Scholz, 11, Phil Hergert, 13, Steve Evans, 11, Randy Lindbo (sub), 8, total, 43.

Medical Micro Machining: Scott Snodgrass, 13, Jake Hahn, 10, Jonathon Morgan, 6, Rob Whitmore, 11, total, 40.

Idaho Forest Group: Bye.

Whitman Family Dental: Al Kirkpatrick, 9, Ken Arthur, 12, Ken McGreevy, 6, Kyle Morgan, 7, total, 34.

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