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Colfax golf league results

COLFAX — The first week of play in the Colfax golf league is completed.

The league runs for nine weeks each Thursday in Colfax.

The first week scores and results are as follows:


The McGregor Company (Matthew Scholz, 6, Phil Hergert, 11, Steve Evans, 13, Keith Muir, 10), 40.

Ackerman Heating and Air (Bennett Gray, 12, Jake Ackerman, 9, Kyle Nance, 7, Dustin Dawson, 11), 39.

Idaho Forest Group (Elias Whitefoot, 10, Jacob Keck, 9, Tyson Rogers, 5, Randy Lindbo, 13), 37.

Medical Micro Machining (Jeff Davies, 8, Jake Hahn, 9, Jonathon Morgan, 13, Rob Whitmore, 5), 35.

Almota Elevator (Nat...


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