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Land Transactions

Series: Land Transactions | Story 35

Jan. 12

James Paul Donald as Personal Representative of the Estate of Donald Richard Wentz, deceased, Ridgefield, Wash., sold 208 S. Hill Ave., LaCrosse, Wash., to Talmadge Dobbs, LaCrosse, Wash., parcel 1-0530-00-02-05-0002, selling price $135,000, Statutory Warranty Deed.

Jan. 16

Violet M. Hickman, Colfax, Wash., sold land only, Colfax, Wash., to JDK Ranches, LLC, Colfax, Wash., parcels 2-0000-43-14-07-1800, 2-0000-43-14-07-3590, 2-0000-43-14-07-4900, 2-0000-43-14-07-2590, 2-0000-43-14-08-1290, 2-0000-43-14-08-2900, 2-0000-43-14-08-3901, selling price $360,900, Statutory Warranty Deed.



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