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Brown pleads not guilty to biting nephew

PULLMAN — The woman charged with Assault of a Child in the Second Degree took her seat in Whitman County Superior Court on Friday, Jan. 12, and pleaded not guilty.

Tia Jade Brown, 19, was charged for allegedly biting her six-month-old infant nephew, Grazon J.B. Hollingstead Pinnel while baby sitting in a highly intoxicated state.

The Pullman Police Department reports that on Wednesday, Dec. 27, at approximately 7:43 p.m., Police Officer Heidi Lambley responded to a residence on North West Webb Street for a suspected domestic dispute.

Reports say her BAC test measured at .194% at the time of her arrest, nearly double the legal limit.

Brown explained that she told her sister, Mercedes Pinnell, about a “rash” on the infant. Mercedes allegedly contacted the infant’s father, Kindred Hollingstead, and he had returned home to accuse Brown of drinking.

Throughout the conversation, Lambley observed the “rash” on the infant and noticed it was on his face. Mercedes lifted the infant’s sleeve to reveal a bite mark on his left arm.

Reports say Mercedes immediately became upset upon the discovery of the bite mark and transported the infant to Pullman Regional Hospital.

At the emergency room, the infant was found with additional injuries, including what appeared to be a bite mark on the infant’s left cheek, older bruising on his forehead, what seemed to be a bite mark on his right shoulder, armpit, and elbow, an abrasion on his right hip low back area partially covered by his diaper, bruising and a possible bite mark on the left side of the back of his head.

Reports further state that Mercedes informed Lambley that Brown bites when she drinks. Mercedes showed Lambley a scar she had from Brown biting her.

According to reports, attempts were made to measure the different bite marks that all appeared on the infant. The bite marks appeared to be about 4 cm. The subject that bit the infant also had all of their teeth. Luna, the infant’s older sister, was missing her top front teeth.

Lambley collected bite impressions on cardboard from the family. Brown’s bite impression was approximately 4 to 5 cm and appeared to be the most similar to the marks on the infant, reports say.

Brown was booked into the Whitman County Jail on Thursday, Dec. 28, for 2nd-degree assault of a child, on a $10,000 bond or $1,000 cash bail through Superior Court.

In court, Superior Court Judge Gary Libey reduced her bail by half to $500 cash or $5,000 surety. A protection order was put in place between her and the family, and she was ordered not to be around children 12 or younger without supervision.

Brown will return to court again later this month.

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