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LaCrosse adopts final 2024 Budget

Fund appropriations increase by over $302,000

LACROSSE — The Town of LaCrosse passed Ordinance number 4133 2023-12, Dec. 14, 2023, adopting the final 2024 budget beginning Jan. 1, 2024, with fund appropriations coming to a total of $1,428,157, a $302,665 increase from last year’s adopted budget total of $1,125,492.

The current expense was appropriated $108,620 for the 2024 year, an increase of $89,280 from last year’s total of $197,900.

The cemetery was allocated $2,100 more than last year, totaling $54,000 for the 2024 year, compared to the previous year’s total of $51,900.

The town’s street fund came to a total of $352,292, an increase...


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