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Auto repair coming to Main Street

COLFAX - Locals will have soon have a new place to repair their cars in Colfax.

Owners Andrew and Connie Burris are currently in the final stages of preparing to open their new auto body shop, "ACJ Auto Repair", located at 516 N Main St., close to Rosauers Supermarket.

"We have had a janitorial cleaning business since 2014, doing that, we got to the point where we can hire employees so we're not doing the work," said Connie Burris.

Burris also stated that she and Andrew have always liked the building and wanted to lease the building when it became available, noting this would be the perfect spot for them.

Andrew Burris worked 18 years in the auto repair business and has a passion for helping others in terms of car repairs.

He said that he is focused on helping the community, and that honesty is the most important part for auto repair workers. Andrew prides himself in the honesty he will demonstrate with their many customers.

The duo plan on being the only workers. Andrew will be the sole worker on the cars, while Connie will work the reception desk.

"This will be our home during the day," said Connie.

In terms of what work will happen at their location, Andrew was quick to provide an answer.

They will work on tires, suspension, brakes, and any wheel well level undercarriage services, as well as oil changes and minor engine repairs.

Andrew also said that they will plan on alignments services, hopefully next year. They have to purchase the parts and kits to be able to work on alignment, which takes time.

As of yet, Andrew and Connie do not have set hours, but are expecting to be open in the next few weeks.


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