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Land Transactions

COLFAX — The Whitman County Assessor’s Office reported the following land transactions from Sept. 22- Sept. 28

Sept. 22

Spencer and Lisa Desmarais, Pullman, Wash., sold 545 SE Quail Ridge Drive, Unit 4, Pullman, Wash., to Darlene Mees, Moscow, Idaho., parcel 1-1533-99-02-0004, selling price $238,710, Statutory Warranty Deed.

Sept. 25

Mark Vogler, LaCrosse, Wash., sold agriculture classified under current use, Whitman County, Wash., to Vogler Family, LLC, LaCrosse, Wash., parcels 2-000-41-15-01-3890, 2-0000-41-15-13-2000, 2-0000-41-15-12-3900, 2-0000-41-15-12-3690, 2-0000-41-15-12-3900, 2-41-15...


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