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Veterinarian taking care of rescued pets

CHENEY - A local veterinary clinic has been assisting the ongoing animal rescue efforts after the Gray Fire.

Many animals went missing or escaped when the fire ripped through Medical Lake neighborhoods Friday, Aug. 18.

In the days since, a volunteers have come together to rescue, treat and reunite animals with their families.

According to Cheney Veterinary Clinic technician Lillian Nowlin and Assistant Manager Marrisa Dormaier, hundreds of animals have needed rescue and treatment following the fire.

She said the business couldn't just stand by and watch.

"We immediately extended our hours and opened our doors," Dormaier said. "We are donating staff time, supplies and even phone hours from home to help get these animals some care. We are doing it completely free for the animal owners because they have already been through enough after the fire."

Dormaier said they have received funding help from SpokAnimal.

That has helped them keep basic needs such as food in stock.

They will be hosting a community event on Saturday, Aug. 26 at the Bull Head Saloon, 10211 S. Electric Ave., Four Lakes, to raise funds and collect donated supplies.

The clinic is also working to reunite lost animals with their families, Dormaier said.

"We have been working with a Petco program called Love Lost that uses artificial intelligence technology," Dormaier said. "We can input photos of incoming animals and the software will automatically compare that photo to others with similar animals.

"This can help us reconnect animals with their families."

She said they are working with just about every type of animal as well, and some of her workers are utilizing their properties to care for large animals.

"We just wanted to open our doors to the affected community," Dormaier said. "We want them to know our staff have opened our hearts and our homes to them."


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