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Tekoa local celebrates 89th birthday

Jerry Heitt selects Homestead General Store as venue

TEKOA - The Homestead General Store, at 116 North Crosby Street in Tekoa, held local Jerry Heitt's 89th birthday party Wednesday, August 9, from 1 to 3 p.m.

Heitt and his wife, Mary Heitt, have lived in Tekoa for 62 years; Mrs. Heitt stated that she married Mr. Heitt at 19, moving to Tekoa with her four sisters soon to follow and make the small town their home.

Co-Owner of Homestead General Store Susie Creger stated that they were thrilled to host the birthday party, "His wife came in and said he loved the store and wanted to have his birthday party here," she said.

Creger explained that Mr. H...


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