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Pullman takes first in Tri-County Swim Championship

SELW secures second place, Colfax third

COLFAX - This year, the Tri-County Swim Championships were held at the Colfax Municipal pool in Colfax, hosting multiple teams from the county on Saturday, August 5.

Swimmers from each team battled it out during events, but the Pullman Barracudas pulled ahead for the leading combined scores for the meet: Pullman Barracudas, 425 points; SELW, 281 points; Colfax Bullsharks, 255 points. 4. Pomeroy Swim and Garfield-Palouse-Oakesdale-Plummer (GPOP), 196 points.

The Championship is a part of the rich history of the League, with each winning team having their name inscribed on the trophy.

"The first...


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