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Berquist wins roping prize money at Cheney Rodeo

CHENEY – A LaCrosse woman won nearly $1,000 placing in the Top 5 in breakaway roping at the Cheney Rodeo from July 7-9.

LaCrosse’s Sydney Berquist tied with Macy Auclair to round out the Top 5 places, according to the Women’s Professional Rodeo Assocaiton.

They roped their calves in 2.2000 seconds and took home $916.21 in prize money each in the fifth-place tie.

Amanda Hodges won the event with a time of 2.000 seconds. She took home a purse of $2,137.84.

Three riders tied for second place – Josie Reno, Bailey Patterson and Jordan Minor, each catching their calf in 2.100 seconds. Each of the th...


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