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Land Transactions

Shanon Kempt, of Pullman, Wash., sold 328 NW Webb Street, Pullman, Wash., to Kaitlin Hall, of Pullman, Wash., parcel 1-0850-00-24-12-0000, selling price $302,900, Statutory Warranty Deed, June 28, 2023.

Makenzie Husted, of Liberty Lake, Wash., sold 814 S. Whitman Street, Rosalia, Wash., to Branden Husted, of Liberty Lake, Wash., parcel 1-1600-00-22-06-0000, undisclosed value, Quit Claim Deed, June 29, 2023.

Mark Wallace, of Colton, Wash., sold 151 Butte Street, Colton, Wash., to Carlolina Sosa, of Lenore, Idaho., parcel 1-2120-00-11-05-0000, selling price $6,176.65, Quit Claim Deed, June 30, 2...


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