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Palouse Citizens’ Climate Lobby (PCCL) does not endorse candidates. It focuses instead on effective climate policies to gain the broadest possible support. PCCL’s nonpartisan stance may sometimes feel frustrating, but it has the powerful side-effect of developing ideas more fully.

For instance, Pullman’s mayoral race has three candidates presenting their ideas for Pullman’s future, and a recent personal discussion with candidate Debbie McNeil made one idea much clearer. The idea is to install many more charging stations downtown so electric vehicle drivers seek out our corner of Washington.

“Electric Pullman” has many benefits; it makes it a regional hub, attracts drivers to downtown businesses, serves more electric vehicles during WSU events, and is close to Moscow/UI too. Furthermore, Pullman’s carbon-free electricity is great for the climate, and potential “Inflation Reduction Act” funding makes this opportunity a no-brainer. I hope all candidates embrace this vision.

So, thank you, Deb, for showing again that while the democratic process takes a little more effort, the results are worth it. And full disclosure: John Anderson sparked (sorry!) this electrification idea years ago when he suggested Pullman’s charging station code ensure it could accommodate future growth.

Simon Smith



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