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Land Transactions

Series: Land Transactions | Story 30

Donna Conley, of Pullman, Wash., transferred 615 NW Polaris St., Pullman, Wash., to Conley Living Trust, of Pullman, Wash., parcel 1-1005-00-01-05-0000, undisclosed value, Warranty Deed, May 22, 2023.

Rebecca Thompson, of Pullman, Wash., sold TAMAR, 1973, to Elizabethe Enos, of Pullman, Wash., parcel 3-5235-00-00-04-0039, selling price $44,600, Affidavit, May 22, 2023.

Steve McGehee and Katherine Keener, of Palouse, Wash., sold undeveloped land only, to Clifford Yeager and Kimberly Vincent, of Moscow, Idaho., parcels 1-0735-00-06-04-0001, 1-0735-00-06-08-0001, selling price $100,000, Warranty...


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