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Colfax Bulldogs baseball takes fall in doubleheader

NWC Defeats Colfax Baseball in close game

COLFAX –– The Colfax Highschool Baseball Bulldogs played a doubleheader against Northwest Christian (NWC) Varsity this past Saturday, April 29.

The Bulldogs lost the doubleheader against NWC in two very close games.

The Varsity Bulldogs fell to NWX Varsity 10-9 in the game’s final play when an error in the bottom of the seventh inning scored two runs for NWC.

Colfax Varsity Bulldogs trailed by five runs in the fifth inning but came back headed to fight to lower the margin.

Colfax Varsity Bulldogs scored eight runs in the failed comeback on a single by J.D. Peterson in the sixth, a walk by Emer...


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