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Colfax Bulldogs take victory in doubleheader games

Colfax Bulldogs steal victories, not just bases

COLFAX –– The Colfax Bulldogs faced off against Kettle Falls on Friday, April 14, in a heated doubleheader.

Colfax Varsity Baseball scored four hits in the 16-6 victory in the first game. Erik Christensen led the game, scoring four of the sixteen hits. Christensen singled in the second and fourth innings. Christensen also doubled in the fifth inning.

Kettle Falls scored four runs in the fourth inning. Batters contributing to the runs included Ethan Bolt, Jack Hills, Adan Harrington, and Talen Summers.

Colfax opened up in the first inning when Mason Gilchrist singled and drove in a run.

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