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Chewelah Cougars claw their way to victory against Colfax Bulldogs

COLFAX - The Colfax Varsity Baseball team faced off against the Chewelah Cougars in a doubleheader on Saturday, March 25.

The Colfax baseball team lost the win early in their first game, with the Cougars scoring 5 runs within the first four innings. By the sixth inning, the Cougars were up at 9, and the bulldogs were at 1.

Colfax scored three hits but suffered three errors in the game.

Mortensen, Peterson, and Plummer led the Bulldogs with the most hits during the game.

Mortensen, Gilchrist, and Peterson led the team pitching. Peterson didn't allow for any hits or runs from the opposing cougar...


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