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Sheriff's log

COLFAX – The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls from Feb. 28 to March. 5:

Feb. 28

3:39 a.m.- N. Madison St., Tekoa. Suspicious circumstance.

7:45 a.m.- W. Fairview St., Colfax. Transportation detail.

8:54 a.m.- N. Mill St., Colfax. Sex offender registration.

9:17 a.m.- Farmington Rd., Farmington. Theft.

10:15 a.m.- Main St., Lamont. DARE.

11:02 a.m.- Kitzmiller Rd., Pullman. Pornography.

12:06 p.m.- W. Nob Hill St., St. John. DARE.

12:31 p.m.- N. Mill St., Colfax. Fingerprints.

12:47 p.m.- N. Madison St., Tekoa. APS referral.

1:10 p.m.- S. Park Ave., Rosalia. Civi...


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