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Rotary club inducts new members

Four new locals join Colfax Rotary Club

COLFAX – Twelve members were inducted into the Colfax Rotary Club during their Thursday, Feb. 23 meeting at the Colfax Community Church.

Brand new members to the club included Kathy Wride, Steve Larkin, Jay Hart, and Jennifer Holt. Returning members who were inducted, and given a club packet were Michael Birnbaum, Jennifer Broeckel, Michael Broeckel, Kristyn Hardy, Ed McBride, Rex Rutledge, and John Turner.

Longtime member Al Kirkpatrick gave some history of the Colfax Rotary Club, explaining that he joined in 1979.

"When I was 8 years old, I started playing little league baseball at our Rotar...


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