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Colfax - Thriving city and automobiles

Editor’s NOTE: This is the fourth in a fifth-part series on the history of Colfax leading up to a July 23-24 celebration.

COLFAX — Since it’s 1870s start, Colfax settlers up through the 1880s discovered the productivity of the Palouse.

With the sawmill, then the creation of the wheatmill in 1872, Colfax quickly became a huge producer of wheat in 1886 with a capacity of 125 barrels per day.

Farmers were able to get their grain to consumers due to the first railroad arriving in 1883.

James Perkins died peacefully at his home June 1, 1920 at the age of 79, having seen all of this.

The city forefather had been able to see the town he started becoming a thriving producer of wheat. He was also here to see the first aut...


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