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Vote out enablers


October 1, 2020

Three parts of government were established to provide checks and balances to ensure there is never a take-over of our democracy.

We know the Republican lead Congress has ceded all of its power to Donald Trump. We see that Donald Trump has almost complete power over the Presidency. With no checks by the Republicans to stop him, Trump is now attempting to bring the third body of government, the Supreme Court, under his control by packing it with justices who will do his will, not the will of the people.

With Republican leaders assistance, such as Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Republicans are supporting the strong-armed, authoritarian, Donald Trump in having unprecedented control over all citizens lives.

We have witnessed other authoritarian dictatorships rise and fall; we will see this attempt at dictatorship fall as well. And we will have the opportunity to ensure the fall of Trump enablers like Cathy McMorris Rodgers on November 3.

Through her actions, and non-actions, she has given her power to an authoritarian leader. Though McMorris Rodgers may have intended to represent the people, she has shown us she no longer believes we should have representation, political freedom or equality. She no longer represents the people; she will not fight for us.

We the people will show that the supreme power of democracy is still vested in the people, that democracy is not for sale, nor is it obsolete. We will vote her out of our government on November 3.

Pat Bates,



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