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Land Sales

Series: On The Record | Story 8

September 24, 2020

Carol Brown, Oakesdale, to Philip Brown, Oakesdale, ag land, $50,000, Aug. 29.

Theran Schmidt and Sara Campbell, Bend, Ore., to Dan and Eleanor Ery, Colfax, house on Mill Street, $177,000, Aug. 4.

John and Gretchen Rice, Shelton, to Carl and Marne Brenne, Colfax, lot at Red Tail Ridge Road, Colfax, $28,000, Aug. 4.

Jennifer Perez to Norman and Linda Ferguson, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, house on Deane Street, Pullman, $375,000, Aug. 4.

Erik and Kristine Coats, Pullman, to Shaun and Jill Freuden, Pullman, house on Valhalla Drive, Pullman, $302,000, Aug. 4.

Denise Smith, Pullman, to Erik and Kristine Coats, Pullman, Prairie Court, Pullman, $505,000, Aug. 4.

Patrick and Meta Marshall, Spokane, to Heather Lindsey, Malden, house on Broadway, Malden, $74,000, Aug. 5.

Rhodora Rimando, Palouse, to Ileia and James McCall, Pullman, house on Ventura Drive, $280,000, Aug. 6.

Eric and Samantha Peterson to Jennifer Duckworth, Pullman, house on Windus Street, $260,000, Aug. 6.

Craig Rickett, Oakesdale, to William and Kathryn Auvil, Oakesdale, vacant land in Oakesdale, $12,500, Aug. 6.

Cole Fanning and David Fanning to Bonnie and Steve Jump, condominium on Merman Drive, Pullman, $138,500, Aug. 7.

Taylor and Zachary Kincaid to James Gropp, Pullman, 1997 60x26 mobile home, $135,000, Aug. 10.

James Gropp to Morgan and Christian Bowe, Pullman, house on Clay Court, Pullman, $240,000, Aug. 10.

Abigail Lentz, Pullman, to Andrew Magnowski, Pullman, house on Webb Street, Pullman, $232,000, Aug. 10.

Lei Zhang and Yan Xing, Pullman, to Nicole Wlker, Post Falls, Idaho, house on Sagebrush Lane, Pullman, $306,000, Aug. 10.

Rosalind Williams, Palouse, to Evelena Quiring, Charlotte, N.C., house on Beach Street, Palouse, $220,000, Aug. 10.

Robert Drollinger, Tekoa, to Asencio and Tahnee Consrancio, Monroe, house on Lindsey Street, Tekoa, $200,000, Aug. 10.

Hope Investments, LLC, Spokane, to Leon and Patricia Sadler, Farmington, house on Chestnut Street, Farmington, $190,000, Aug. 10.

Amber Giebeler, Cape Coral, Flo., to David Cowan, Tekoa, house on Desire Street, Tekoa, $195,000, Aug. 11.

Jacob, Wade and Linda Olson to Wesley Reed, Colfax, house on Hilty Road, $87,000, Aug. 12.

Shannon Sweet to Your Assets, LLC., Tracyton, Wash., house on 3rd Street, Endicott, $40,000, Aug. 12.

Mark and Brittany Sawyer, Palouse, to Jeffrey and Linda Snook, Palouse, undeveloped land on F Street, Palouse, $25,000, Aug. 12.

Robert Davidson, LaCrosse, to W.D. Cattle Company, LaCrosse, undeveloped land in LaCrosse, $5,000, Aug. 12.

Terri Van Auken to Steven Bowman and Kelly Bowman, LaCrosse, house on Crystal Street, LaCrosse, $99,750, Aug. 12.

Terry and Tricia Harwood to 4K Land Holdings, LLC, Colfax, retail trade on Grand Ave., Pullman, $450,000, Aug. 13.

Terry and Tricia Harwood, Colfax, to 4K Land Holdings LLC, Colfax, retail trade on Walla Walla Hwy., Colfax, $650,000, Aug. 13.

Dustin and Marilda Mondell, New York, N.Y., to Gary and Melissa Calhoun, Boise, Idaho, lot on Red Tail Ridge Road, Colfax, $72,500, Aug. 13.

Thomas Parrish to Steven and Korey Woodley, Pullman, house on Charlotte Street, $290,000, Aug. 14.

Itani Quality Homes, Inc., Pullman to Steve and Amy McDuffie, Richland, $535,000, Aug. 14.

Estate of J Allen Young to Gail Parsons, Oakesdale, automobile parking on McCoy Street, Oakedale, $22,000, Aug. 17.

Amber Wright, Pullman, to Paul and Valera Bolls, Pullman, house on ElDorado Drive, Pullman, $3300, Aug. 17.

David Yokdiong and Yuh-Chin Hwang to Hui Li and Yalan Liu, Pullman, house on Center Street, $480,000, Aug. 18.

Corey Cook and Chad Garrison, Denver, Colo., to Emily and Tyler Craigie, Uniontown, house on Union Street, Uniontown, $185,000, Aug. 18.

Connie Rodeen, Yakima, to David Harlow, Pullman, ag land, $2,000, Aug. 19.

Richard Lohman, Oakesdale, to Patricia Stambor, Seattle, house on Pearl Street, Oakesdale, $15,000, Aug. 20.

Oenning Farms, Uniontown, to Justin and Justina Becker, Uniontown, house on Oenning Road, Uniontown, $230,000, Aug. 21.


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