Motions made in Oakesdale drug case


COLFAX - Motions to suppress and dismiss have been made by two of the seven individuals booked May 17 for drug use in an Oakesdale home.

Keenen Keller, 26, was charged with possession of controlled substances of methamphetamine and heroin. His attorney has filed a motion to dismiss, stating that Keller called 911 to receive emergency help for another man who had overdosed. According to RCW, a person acting in good faith who seeks medical assistance for someone experience a drug-related overdose shall not be charges or prosecuted for possession of a controlled substance.

Ginnifer Murray, 49, was charged with possession of methamphetamine. Her attorney has filed a motion to suppress evidence found in the search of the Oakesdale house. The motion states there was an absence of probable cause for the search.

The others booked after the search were Robert McBride, 51; Amy Baird, 49; Ashley McBride, 28; Ruth LaHoe, 58, and Samantha Peterson, 24. All were charged with possession of methamphetamine. Peterson was also charged with possession of heroin based on evidence found in a trailer she shared with Keller next to the house.

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Bail was set at $10,000 surety or $1,000 cash for each person. As of this morning, Murray, Baird and LaHoe had posted bail. Condition of release for all individuals was they not contact others arrested at the time. Trial dates have been set for Peterson, both McBrides, Baird and LaHoe. Keller and Murray were scheduled for arraignment Friday morning.


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