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By Jana Mathia
Gazette Editor 

Tomorrow's history today


March 26, 2020

An area teacher encouraged her students that while they are stuck at home, they write down what is happening and how they are feeling. She pointed out that they are living what will be history someday and should document it.

The old adage is, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. So, if the events of today will be chronicled in history books tomorrow, what are you learning?

Is it a time management lesson as you have to schedule laundry and office emails around high school math worksheets and second grade reading?

Is it a civics lesson? Maybe how to be a good citizen and follow suggested social distancing so the entire state does not need to be shutdown to control you? Or how to be mindful of other citizens and not take all the toilet paper?

Is it an economics lesson? Have you learned what supplies you will need in the case of an emergency? Will those who bought a lot of toilet paper reconsider their buying next time?

Is it a money management lesson? Financial gurus like Dave Ramsey have long preached the importance of having an emergency fund—Ramsey sets the goal of having a savings of three to six months worth of bills.

Speaking of people preaching to prepare for a rainy day, governments and church leaders have been urging the public for decades to have an emergency kit. Having some kind of emergency supplies, food and/or water provides a sense of structure and control that, hopefully, mitigates panic buying.

Is it a self-reliance lesson? Are you finding yourself more capable of doing things on your own than you realized? Or are you finding yourself less capable than you thought and need to enroll in some cooking classes ASAP?

Is it a lesson in something as simple as gratitude? Are you more grateful and more aware of your blessings?

Or is it a lesson in hygiene as you have now achieved master-level hand washing ability? .

What are you learning?

Jana Mathia,



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