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Gordon, thanks for your unbiased service to the Gazette readers over the years and I do hope the new owners will not be biased as most newspapers are.

To the typical Seattle reader of the Gazette who complained about depicting Bernie Sanders as an old man with a Soviet flag, nothing could have been more accurate. Bernie is 78, recently had a heart attack, went to Russia several times to study Marxism and his idol was none other than Fidel Castro. He has been a Senator for 25 years and had three bills of his own, two for naming post offices. He has been married four times, with an illegitimate child and he is the democrats choice for president. God help us.

Talk about unfair play, the major newspapers are all anti-Trump and just last week President Trump was in India where there were over 100,000 people in a stadium to see him and millions lined the parade route to their capitol with flowers lining the road way. For all this, only the Lewiston Tribune carried the article with picture on page two. The Spokesman Review told me that they probably should have run the article, but some one missed the boat.

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News said that they did not feel that it was worthy of publication and I told them both that they had no problem running front page articles when they were trying to impeach the president. The Daily News editor said yes, but we ran articles when Clinton was impeached and I reminded him that one week for Clinton was not quite as bad as 3 and 1/2 years for President Trump.





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