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Letters: February 6, 2020


February 6, 2020

Warming skeptic

I am a global warming skeptic. What does that mean? It means I believe that warming can occur. What I am skeptical about is that man can have a substantial effect on the climate to cause warming harmful to the earth's ecosystem. You cannot change my mind by saying the “science is settled” (science is never settled) or by trying to scare me by warning that we are going to have more storms, greater intensity in the storms and potential catastrophic sea level rise.

These things could happen whether man is responsible or not. I need direct evidence that the climate is being affected, not computer models that can be tweaked to closely match the actual conditions outside. The climate system is so complicated that it may be impossible to determine what causes strengthening or weakening of storm systems. Recent trends in tornado and hurricane strength do not show variations in any direction that would infer greater CO2 has any effect on these types of storms.

Proponents of human induced global warming say that it has never been warmer. Not true. There have been many periods of time when temperatures were warmer than today. Scientists determine this from sampling ocean floor deposits, they find organisms in the samples that could only have existed at northern latitudes if the temperature was warmer than today. There is visual documentation that water levels in Florida has been much higher in past times.

Warmists say we have recently said that we have 12 years or less to act. Remember 50 years ago scientists were warning of another ice age.

But have you considered the cure may be worse than the disease, especially if we don’t have an illness yet. I could predict some ways we can reduce the release of CO2 by taking the CO2 out of our carbonated beverages. No more choosing where you live, you can only live in a circle within a 30 minute bicycle ride of your workplace. Much more needs to be said about this.

This is a truly complicated issue, and a letter could be written on one side of the question that takes up every inch of the paper. I hope the Gazette is kind enough to allow more correspondence on this issue.

Chuck Guptill,


Main factor

I am writing in support of the Colfax School District proposed levy for the next two years.

Colfax is my home. It is where I grew up, went through grades K-12, and where I have come back to raise my family after 15 years of living all around the world.

In all the different places I have lived in these past 15 years, I was able to see the differences in those communities and schools and have always felt grateful for the community I grew up in, the education I received, and opportunities I was afforded. I believe this is by no means unique to me alone. I was excited for the opportunity to return and raise my family here. In fact, the schools were a main factor in coming back because of the opportunities it will afford our kids.

I am grateful for those who supported schools while I attended, and feel a great responsibility to ensure my support is there for the next generations.

I urge you all to vote yes in the upcoming vote this Feb. 11!

Matt Mellor,



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