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On The Record: November 7, 2019


November 7, 2019


Stephen and Elizabeth Condon to Robert Krikac and Carrie Vielle, house on N. Cherry Street, Colfax, $132,000, Oct. 29.

P & G Gumm Farms, Pullman, to James and Bobbette Rambo, ag land north of Farmington, $165,000, Oct. 29.

P & G Gumm Farms to Jamison Farms, Garfield, ag land northwest of Farmington $110,000, Oct. 26.

Terry P. and Evelyn Gumm, Farmington, to Jamison Farms, ag land in Jamison Road area east of Oakesdale, $462,000, Oct. 26.

Carlos and Cara Salazar, Oshkosh, Wis., to Jeremy Small, house on Lehman Court, Pullman, $315,000, Oct. 29.

Glen and Vicki Downing, Lansing, Kansas, to William and Ann Haese, Nikiski, Ark., house on Finch Way, Pullman, $370,000, Oct. 29.

Greg and Vanessa Petry, Redmond, to Matthew and Janet Williams, Kent, house on NW Janet, Pullman, $329,000, Oct. 28.

Teresa Brannan, Boise, to Tate Schauble, St. John, house on S. Park, St. John, $40,000, Oct. 30.

Therese and Travis Walters, Puyallup, to Lynne and Brian Cooper, house on NE Landis Place, Pullman, $314,000, Oct. 31.

Melanie Brown and Kathleen Hatch, Columbus, Ohio, to Andre Denis and Melina Wright, Pullman, house on NW Nicole, Pullman, $650,000, Oct. 31.

Eileen Ankerson, Pullman, to Franceen Hermanson, house on SE Footloose Drive, Pullman, $191,000, Oct. 31.

Jeremy and Dita Wexler, Pullman, to Skyler and Heather Worthington, Eugene, Ore., house on SW Sanna Court, Pullman, $412,000, Oct. 31.

Terry and Evelyn Gumm, Farmington, to P & G Gumm Farms, Tekoa, land southwest of Tekoa, $126,000, Oct. 31.

Joyce Mills and Jeanene Smart, Tekoa, to Shane and Jessica Monroay, Tekoa, house on S. Crosby, Tekoa, $10,000, Nov. 1.

Jonn and Lisa Johnson, Lincoln, Neb., to Steven and Kathryn McMillian, Pullman, house on NW Nicole Court, Pullman, $530,000, Nov. 1.

Aviva Wagner, Puyallup, to Cody and Roberta Henson, 1970 Brookwood 60 X 12 mobile home on S. Grand, $15,000, Nov. 1.


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