By Victoria Fowler
Gazette Reporter 

Port board approves support for Ag history


September 26, 2019

Port of Whitman commissioners Sept. 19 approved support for the Washington Ag History project.

Ag History asked the Port of Whitman County for $1,500 to help develop their curriculum project. They are also privately raising $150,000.

“It's a strategy that raises awareness of the ag industry for those who may or may not be within it,” said Kristine Meyer, Port commissioner.

Meyer said that she knew with ag forestry classes, it made evident how little people know about where their food comes from and where their neighbors work or what they do.

Port Commissioner Tom Kamerzell said that this effort is similar to Wheat Week, a way to reach out and educate the public in places that they might not understand.

“Raising awareness of the industry is a good thing, and $1,500 is not a lot to ask for and I'm in favor of it,” Meyer said.

The motion to approve the $1,500 expenditure for Ag History was passed unanimously.


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