Trivia Test:September 12, 2019


September 12, 2019

1. GEOGRAPHY: The Falkland Islands lie off the coast of which country?

2. GAMES: What color is the Pennsylvania Avenue spot on a Monopoly board?

3. ANATOMY: How many chambers are in the human heart?

4. MUSIC: What was the title of Elvis Presley's last No. 1 hit?

5. FOOD & DRINK: What ingredient is used in a dish described as "Florentine"?

6. ADVERTISING: Which snack featured the advertising line, "The more you eat, the more you want"?

7. COMICS: What is the name of Dagwood Bumstead's next-door neighbor in the comic strip "Blondie"?

8. LITERATURE: What area of England did poet William Wordsw...

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