On The Record: March 28. 2019

Marriage License and Real Estate Transactions


March 28, 2019


Samuel Riley Bogen, 21, and Melanie Lynn Schimschal, 22, both Pullman, March 7.

Besufek Feleke, 30, and Emebet Yimer Alemu, 30, both Clarkston, March 8.

Liu Tainen, 23, and Lei Lei, 23, both Pullman, March 14.

Shahriar Safee, 32, and Seyedeharmira Foroutan, 28, both Pullman, March 14.


Jennifer Reynolds, Pullman, to Linda Agyen, Pullman, 1970 60x12 mobile home on SE Grand, Pullman, $2,000, March 13.

Willie Jude II, Nashville, Tenn., to Zachary Tindell and Megan Harris, Pullman, unit at Cedar Terrace Townhome condominiums on NW Lamont Drive, $125,200, March 14.

Aveek and Lina Datta, Pullman, to Brookland Relocation Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz., house on NW Ventura Drive, Pullman, $269,000, March 15.

Brookland Relocation to Chalayne and Mark Foster, Pullman, same house, $269,000, March 15.

Shannon and Jacob Gaines, St. Louis, to Randy and Kati Widman, Uniontown, house on Wheatland Court, Uniontown, $205,500, March 15.

John Hiscock-Hart and Shanna Hiscock, Pullman, to Taylor and Alexandria Blanc, house on S.E. Jackson, Pullman, $289,000, March 15.

M. Todd and Donnett Neu, Post Falls, Idaho, to Anthony and Sasha Rabaiotti, house on E. Southview, Colfax, $289,000, March 15.

Jordan Keithley and Griffin Uchida, Spokane, to Thomas and Tamara Gray, house on SE Mackenzie, Pullman, $264,000, March 15.

Robert Lindgren, Pullman, to Christopher and Allison Collison, Tekoa, house on N. Lindsey Street, Tekoa, $238,400, March 18.

Zachary and Kelly Williams to Michelle and Michael Kelly, house on SE Dilke Street, Pullman, $300,000, March 20.

Richard Harvey and Susan Barbee, Yakima, each one half interest, to Spencer and Geraldine Scholz, Steptoe, ag land south of Steptoe, $396,000, March 20.

April and Jeremy Foss, Pullman, to Todd and Kristin Bammes, St. John, house one SW Windy Point Court, Pullman, $479,000, March 21.

Lyndsay McCall, Palouse, to Greg and Vanessa Petry, Seattle, house on NW Janet Street, Pullman, $310,000, March 22.

Felix Living Trust, Minden, Nev., to Laurie Foss, Pullman, 1995 52x26 Guerdon mobile home on NW Golden Hills Drive, Pullman, $69,000, March 22.

Nancy Stanard and Robin Stanard, Colfax, to First Baptist Church, Colfax, former Christian Church building at 100 N. Mill Street, $72,000, March 25.


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