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Hart, Rembert advance to judge's race last lap


August 23, 2018 | View PDF

John Hart and Robert Rembert, both of Pullman, will advance to the November general election after finishing one-two in the Aug. 7 primary. After Tuesday’s last count, Hart finished with 3,969 votes for more than 43 percent of the returns, and Rembert finished with 2,736 for 29.68 percent.

Dan LeBeau finished with 2,512 for 27.25 to be bumped in the competitive race.

Final count of ballots totaled 20,421 for a 46.73 percent turnout.

In the other close finish, challenger Christina (Chris) Nelson of Endicott edged incumbent Mark Clinton in the returns for county treasurer. Nelson posted a 44-vote edge, 3,667 to 3,623. Both will be back on the ballot for the Nov. 6 general election.

Democrat Lisa Brown defeated Cathy McMorris Rodgers by 256 votes in the hotly contested race for U.S. 5th district representative. Final count was 5,058 for Brown and 4,772 for McMorris-Rodgers, the 14-year Republican incumbent.

Both Republican state representatives topped challengers in the county. Mary Dye of Pomeroy defeated Jenn Goulet of Pasco 5,352 to 4,732, and Joe Schmick of Colfax defeated Mathew Sutherland of Pullman with 52 percent of the vote, 5,222 to 4,810.

Incumbent Republican Michael Largent posted a close to 10 percent win over Democrat John-Mark Mahnkey in the race for county commissioner seat three, 2,793 to 2,297.

In the other contested county race, Sandy Jamison of Garfield defeated Eric Fejeran of Pullman by more than 15 percent, 5,687 to 4,158 in the race for county auditor.

St. John cemetery district’s proposal for a special levy to pave a road into the cemetery came less than one percent of the required majority at 59.04 percent with a count of 209 yes and 145 no.

The district maintenance and operation levy, Lamont and Rosalia fire district levies and a Garfield street levy were all approved.

Both Farmington levy proposals, one for streets and the other for current expense, failed.

Whitman County Primary Election Final Results

Results for federal and statewide races here only include the county totals. County top vote getters may differ from federal and statewide vote getters.


U.S. Senator

Maria Cantwell 4,902, 51.1%

Susan Hutchinson 2,168, 22.6%

Keith Swank 295, 3.1%

U.S. Representative, Congressional District #5

Cathy McMorris Rodgers 4,772, 46.4%

Lisa Brown 5,058, 49.2%

Jered Bonneau 175, 1.7%

David Saulibio 211, 2.1%

Kari Ilonummi 72, 0.7%


State Representative, District #9, Position #1

Mary Dye 5,352, 53.1%

Jennifer Goulet 4,732, 46.9%

State Representative, District #9, Position #2

Joe Schmick 5,222, 52.1%

Matthew Sutherland 4,810, 47.9%


County Commissioner, District #3

Michael Largent 2,793, 54.9%

John-Mark Mahnkey 2,297, 45.1%

County Auditor

Sandy Jamison 5,687, 57.8%

Eric Fejeran 4,158, 42.2%

County Treasurer

Mark Clinton 3,623, 49.7%

Christina Nelson 3,667, 50.3%


District Court Judge

John Hart 3,969, 43.1%

Dan LeBeau 2,512, 27.3%

Rob Rembert 2,736, 29.7%


Town of Farmington Proposition #1

Special $8,000 levy for street maintenance.

Yes 35, 57.4%

No 26, 42.6%

Town of Farmington Proposition #2

Current expense levy for $15,000.

Yes 28, 47.5%

No 31, 52.5%

Town of Garfield Proposition #1

Financing street maintenance and repair and street improvements collecting an excess property tax levy in the amount of $62,000.

Yes 134, 69.8%

No 58, 30.2%

Lamont Fire Protection District #5 Proposition #1

Maintenance of operation levy of $10,000 for years 2019 through 2022.

Yes 22, 81.5%

No 5, 18.5%

Rosalia Fire Protection District #7 Proposition #1

Renewal of $.50 EMS levy per assessed $1,000 of valuation for 2019.

Yes 287, 92.3%

No 24, 7.7%

St. John Cemetery District #3 Proposition #1

Levy in the amount of $14,000 at an estimated $0.08 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for operation and maintenance of the cemetery.

Yes 252, 70.8%

No 104, 29.2%

St. John Cemetery District #3 Proposition #2

Levy of $28,000 for paving road from parking lot to Highway 23.

Yes 209, 59%

No 145, 41%

For statewide result tallies, go to http://results.vote.wa.gov/results/


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