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Trivia Test


August 2, 2018 | View PDF


1. FOOD & DRINK: What ingredient is added to sugar to make it brown sugar?

2. CURRENCY: Which historical figure featured on a $100 bill was NOT a president?

3. GEOGRAPHY: How many countries border Germany?

4. GAMES: Who invented the game of roulette?

5. ANIMAL KINGDOM: On which continent would you find a dingo, a wild dog?

6. FAMOUS QUOTATIONS: What American industrialist once said, “Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil”?

7. HISTORY: Who was the last queen of France?

8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: How long did the Pony Express deliver mail in the United States?

9. SCIENCE: What is the filament in an incandescent light bulb made of?

10. MOVIES: Which Disney movie features a character named Cruella de Vil?


1. Molasses

2. Benjamin Franklin

3. Nine

4. French mathematician Blaise Pascal

5. Australia (or Oceania)

6. J. Paul Getty

7. Marie Antoinette

8. 1860-61 (18 months)

9. Tungsten

10. “101 Dalmatians”


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