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July 12, 2018 | View PDF

I am offended by your nasty political cartoons and comments about our President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. You and the Lewiston Tribune and Spokesman Review, and so many other liberal newspapers are spreading biased and untrue comments about our president and to comment on Obama's legacy???

What legacy? If you are speaking of his socialist agenda, more than doubling the national debt, anti-Christian and pro-Muslim attitude then I can understand. But the forced legislation of Obama-care, illegal immigration and a Pulitzer peace prize for his pro-Muslim and anti-Israel stance then I can understand. There is absolute proof that both he and Hillary colluded with Russia and that the FBI tried every way possible to prevent Mr.Trump from becoming president, but you do not print any of that.

Please look at this interview between Trey Goody (R-So.Car) and the Inspector General for the Department of Justice which proves absolute corruption of the FBI and bias toward Mr. Trump. If you want to continue to have subscribers like me, then stop printing false news and ideas.

--Duane Mickelsen, Pullman

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