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July 5, 2018 | View PDF


Jakob Carl Lee, 28, and Sophie Elizabeth Gryczan, 28, both Pullman, June 12.

Jeffrey John Mumma, 52, and Joetta Lynn Reno, 47, both Pullman, June 11.

Benjamin James Cochran, 24, and Taylor Michelle Weeks, 25, both Colfax, June 12.

Bo Robert OImstead, 23, aNd Bailey Lynn Bice, 22, both Moscow, JUne 13.

Leyen Quoc Vu, 37, and Amy Nicole Garrison, 29, both Pullman, June 13.

Joel Benjamin Parker 23, and Zerina Mehic, 27, both Pullman, June 14.

Alexia Kay Bruya, 29, Garfiled, and Jeffrey Cole West, 29, Endicott, June 15.

Andrew Patrick Kovisto, 29, and Kryhstal Nicole Wasankari, 24, both Troy, Idaho, June 15.

Regina Stefany Konigsberg, 28, and Melissa Ann Abrams, 38, both Pullman, June 19.

Devin Oneil Barnes, 27, and April Ann Schlinder, 37, both Moscow, June 19.

Jessie Çonnor Wells, 23, and Madeline Grace Sabel, 23, both Pullman, June 20.

Chandler Thomas Wysup, 22, and Stephanie Field, 22, both Pullman, June 21.

Cody James Robert Morgan, 31, and Michelle Philomena Winter,m 34, both Moscow, June 21.

Nervez Daryl Epstein, 29, and Madison Irene Benvenuto, 23, both Pullman, June 22.

James Ryan Aguirre, 22, and Anna Leigh Aversa, 22, both Pullman, June 25.

Aaron Spence Crandall, 39, and Johanna Lynn Hooft, 42, both Pullman, June 27.

Matthew Jonathon Lieberman, 31, and Mekaela Danielle McKenna, 30, both Colton, June 28.

Evan Christopher Lord, 22, and Jadyn Oliviyah Campisi, 19, both Colfax, June 28.

Masdelilne Blake Kappes, 25, and Elijah Luke Alexandr Dereta, 26, both Pullman, June 29.


Hayden Homes LLC, Redmond, Ore., to Maricarmen and Landon Shields, Denver, house on SW Wheat Ridge Drive, Pullman, $382,900, June 11.

Itani Development LLC, Pullman, to Jonathan and Natalie Fisher, Pullman, part of lot in block 2 of Sunnyside Heights subdivision of Pullman, $39,600, June 11.

RAW Farms Inc., to Daniel Willson, parcel in Willson short plat on Patterson Road, $99,787; to Richard M. Willson, pareel on Patterson Road, $38,500; to Timothy A. Willson, parel on short plat on SR 23, $50,135, June 12.

Jenny Lynn Carriker, Colflax, to Monica Hardie, house on E. Southview, Çolflax, $175,000, June 21.

Tommy and Joan Bender, Potlatch, to Joseph Harrison, III, Clarkston, house on N. I Street, Palouse, $79,500, June 12.

Jeffery and Vicki McLeod, Wallace, Idaho, to Damon and Natalie Frostad, Spokane, house on E. Whitman Street, Palouse, $234,000. June 12.

Timothy and Erin Thompson, Pullman, to Kiara Held, Pullman, house on SW Church Street, Pullman, $2544, 500, June 13.

Justin Kirk, Pullman, to Marla Meyer, house on SW Center Street, Pullman, $342,500, June 13.

Jeanne and Gregory Steffen, Pullman, to Gregory and Scott Denton, Sammamish, house on SW Center, Pullman, $440,000, June 13.

Austin and Miranda Wade, Moscow, to Anna Warner, Colfax, house on S. Scenicview Drive, Colfax, $281,500, June 13.

Corrine amd David Phillips, Uniontown, to John G. Jacobs, Uniontown, land parcel at Uniontown, $33,500, June 13.

D & D Lisenbee Farms LLC, Clarkston, to Andrew and Kara Nelson, Farmington, four land parcels just south of Farmington, $705,942 , June 13.

Uri and Megan Farkas, Flagstaff, Ariz., to Zachary Gering, Pullman, house on NW Canyon View Drive, Pullman, $285,000, June 13.,

Sharon Huff, Anacortes, to Zahary and Sarah ?Suppe, house on First Street, Endicott, $120,000, June 13.

Desmond and Cheryl Layne, Pullman, to Ryan and Lindsey Smith, Bountiful, Utah, house on NW Marshland Street, Pullman, $438,000, June 15.


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