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New ‘Crimson Spoon’ cookbook

Jamie Callison, executive chef of WSU’s school of hospitality business management, is the lead author of a new cookbook, “The Crimson Spoon: Plating Regional Cuisine on the Palouse.”

Linda Burner Augustine is a co-author.

The 224-page, photo-illustrated cookbook features 105 low-effort recipes anyone can follow to create high-impact cuisine. Recipes showcase a unique blend of ingredients and foods produced by WSU departments and regional resources, including the famous Cougar macaroni and cheese.

“Ingredients should be your biggest inspiration. Start with quality ingredients, apply simple cooking techniques and magic happens,” Callison said.

All products in the book are available locally.

“It makes it easy to actually get products. A lot of cookbooks you have a hard time finding those products and so we really tried to create a cookbook that was usable for everybody,” he added.

Proceeds from the book will help maintain and replace equipment and furnishings in the teaching center to benefit hospitality students.

“Well, I want people to really understand what we’re doing here on campus,” Callison said. “I want the people to see what the Palouse and this region has to offer, so I want people really to see the Palouse and this region through a chef’s eyes.”

“I think this cookbook kind of gives everybody a glimpse of that, this region which is absolutely amazing,” Callison said.

The book will be available Oct. 7 for online purchase for $38 at

To pre-order, call the WSU Creamery, (800) 457-5442.


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